Welcome to Stormhaven

Stormhaven is an artificial island of white stone elevated 300 feet above the sea by four great pillars, each a quarter mile in circumference, covered with ancient runes. Upside is the pinnacle of Stormhaven society, the wealthiest residents live on the enormous platform suspended high above the ocean, far beyond the concerns of the wretched beneath. The Downdrifts, the true Stormhaven according to some, lives under the constant shadow of the mighty disk above, almost anything can be found here — for a price.

Magic is the lifeblood of Stormhaven, coursing through its very foundations and making life possible away from the shores of any nation. Its staunch neutrality ensures that the righes keep flowing, making Stormhaven into a monument to unfettered greed and hunger for power. It is the destination of choice for the most ruthless merchants, crime lords and politicians, where a silver tongue, quick wits, and a fast blade are invaluable commodities, both on the lowly docks and in the glittering palaces. Any adventurer with the right combination of ingenuity, strength, and daring will find that Stormhaven embraces them and no dream of wealth is beyond reach.